Relive OCHS Sports 1960-69

Don Tarves, Ken Leary, Bruce Presti and Orville Mathis were playing at the start of the decade. And John Huff, Tom Bond, Terry Howell and Gene Davis were among those who were there at the end.

The varsity sports were all for boys and the coaches included Fenton Carey, Dixie Howell, Ted Klepac, Jack Boyd, Fred Haack, Andy Prohaska and John Cervino.

There was a state basketball champion in 1964 and a Cape-Atlantic League football title in 1967. Plus two titles in track and three in baseball.

The book also includes a chapter with highlights of OCHS sports teams before 1960.

You can relive all the memories in this one book.

If you don’t have a copy, you can order one at Amazon.

Sales of the book benefit the Edythe T. Selvagn Memorial Scholarship Fund.


bookcoverimage (3).jpg

60s Book - back.jpg

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