Recent boats were Best of Decade for OCHS Crew


The fourth All-Decade team in the list of 23 is the crew team. Unlike the other sports, the all-decade crew team recognizes the top boats, not the top individuals, of the 10 seasons. Because crew is the ultimate team sport, it would be virtually impossible to select individuals from different boats.

So, here it goes – the two OCHS Boats of the 2nd Decade (2010-19) are the Boys 2018 Varsity 8 and the Girls 2019 Varsity 8.

The Boys 2018 Varsity comprised A.J. Oves, Blaze Japzon, Greg O’Connell, Luke Hornick, Jack Branin, Seth Pierson, Noah Centrone, Jake Ruskey and coxswain Matt Catanoso. They were the top South Jersey boat in all five of the championship regattas and were semifinalists in the prestigious Stotesbury Cup Regatta.

The Girls 2019 Varsity 8 featured Claudia Scherbin, Eve Chiarello, Jenevieva Mulhall, Alexa Japzon, Margaret Kane, Avery Panico, Kira Tracey, Samantha Perro and coxswain Lucy Greene. Those girls were second in the Philadelphia Scholastic Rowing Championship, fourth at Stotesbury and finished third in the petite finals at the Scholastic Rowing Association of America (SRAA) Nationals in Ohio.

Four other boats make the OCHS 2nd Decade Crew Team.

The Boys 2014 Junior 8 included Nic DiMarco, Evan Nathan, Christian McDermott, Christian Baumgardner, Colin Stewart, Mike Daddi, Eric Laam, Ryan Fisher and coxswain Chase Devlin. They were fourth at Stotesbury and won at the SRAA Nationals.

The Girls 2016 Varsity 4 was Frances Kane, Kelsey Williams, Jadalyne Selgrade, Marissa Giardina and coxswain Kennedy Terrels. They won the city events, were second at Stotesbury and finished second by 35-thousandths of a second at the SRAA.

The Boys 2014 Lightweight 8 comprised Jacob Newsome, Will Graham, Patrick Carr, Jonathan Gift, Chris Delgrande, David Delgrande, Roman LaRosa, Brendan McClure and coxswain Chris Barham. Those boys were first in the New Jersey and Atlantic County races, fourth at Stotesbury, third in the Philadelphia championships and fifth at the SRAA.

The Girls 2019 Junior 8 featured Ryleigh Mack, Alexis O’Keefe, Vanessa Karayiannis, Michaela Carroll, Juliana Giardina, Maggie Clunn, Carly Dougherty, Alexia Schmidt and coxswain Mackenzie Thurlow. They won the city events and won at both Stotesbury and the SRAA.

Boys coach Mike Millar and girls coach Ian Tapp continue to produce competitive boats year after year, though frequently competing against larger schools with bigger rosters.

More about the OCHS crew teams is available here.

Next week – the OCHS Boys Tennis Team of the Decade.


The Second Decade

Raider Crew – Top Boats

2018 Boys Varsity 8

2019 Girls Varsity 8

2014 Boys Junior 8

2019 Girls Junior 8

2014 Boys Lightweight 8

2016 Girls Varsity 4


The 2018 Varsity 8 – OCHS Boys Boat of the Decade



The 2019 Varsity 8 – OCHS Girls Boat of the Decade

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