Nate Hays is OCHS Boys Swimmer of the Decade


Swimming first became a part of the Ocean City High School sports program nearly 90 years ago. There was a gap from the early 1940s until Fenton Carey restored it in the mid-1950s, using the small pool in the old high school.

In the 2nd Decade (2010-19) there is a beautiful Aquatic Center that has produced a lot of good swimmers at OCHS, though they were somewhat overshadowed by the remarkable teams at Mainland. Shane McGrath has received coaching awards as he guided the Raiders through winning seasons.

The best swimmer of the decade is Nate Hays, a three-year first team all star in the Cape-Atlantic League who is on the All-Decade team in two events and three relay teams.

Two of the members of this team were multiple choices who swam on this season’s team and will return for another next winter. Junior Steve Gooden is the choice for the 100 and 200 freestyle and joins Hays, Ben Wiley and Matt DiMarino on the 400 Freestyle Relay Team.

The same applies to junior Dolan Grisbaum, a pick for the 400 Freestyle and the 100 backstroke. He joins his brother, Doug, on the 400 Freestyle and DiMarino for the 100 backstroke.

Mike Fiscus is the the choice for the 100 butterfly and also joins Kevin Gill, Frank Brady and Pat Kistler on the 400 Free Relay Team. Tanner James is the pick for the diving competition.

Wiley and Zach Greaser get the nod for the 50 Freestyle. Wiley also joins Hays, Ethan McCarron and Pete Horowitz on the 200 Medley Relay Team and joins Hays, Horowitz and Brian Walsh on the 200 Free Relay Team.

A new decade began on Jan. 1, 2020 so performances since then are not taken into consideration for the 2nd Decade winter sports teams. Swimmers were eligible to be selected to this team in any event where they swam, even if it wasn’t necessarily the event in which they were most effective.

More about OCHS Boys Swimming is available here.

Nate Hays joins Jason Marks (1st Decade), Heath Muzslay (1990s), Rob Astle (1980s), Rich Benner (1970s) and Mike Hamilton (1960s) as OCHS Boys Swimmers of the Decade.

Up next – the OCHS Wrestling Team of the 2nd Decade.

OCHS Boys Swimming in the 2nd Decade
2009-10…2-8…Brad Greene
2010-11….2-9…Kyle Clayton
2011-12….2-8…Kyle Clayton
2012-13….9-5…Paul Gallagher
2013-14..11-3…Shane McGrath
2014-15….4-6…Shane McGrath
2015-16….7-5…Shane McGrath
2016-17….9-4…Shane McGrath
2017-18….9-4…Shane McGrath
2018-19….9-4…Shane McGrath

Decade Boys Swim.jpg

Nate Hays.jpg
Nate Hays

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