Amanda Nunan is OCHS Girls Swimmer of the Decade


The ongoing 2nd Decade all star teams at Ocean City High School have fallen behind and they will now be concluded with the balance of the winter sports over the next 10 days.

Girls swimming has become a highly successful sport at OCHS, especially over the last eight years when the Raiders were 84-16. That included four South Jersey championships and a state title.

The best of the decade is Amanda Nunan, the spectacularly successful freestyle swimmer who was chosen the best swimmer in the entire state twice by A four-year first team all star in the Cape-Atlantic League, Nunan is on the All-Decade team in two freestyle events and two relays.

One of the most interesting events on the decade was the 50 freestyle where one family dominated the CAL by supplying the first team all star for eight straight seasons – Noel Styer from 2011-14 and Ryann Styer from 2015-18. Ryann is also the choice in the 100 freestyle. And Maggie Wallace in the 500.

In the backstroke, the choice is four-time all star Rachel Chain. In the breaststroke it is four-time all star Mel Wilezol. The selection in the butterfly is all star Aly Chain. The individual medley swimmer is Amber Glenn, a two-time all star at OCHS and four-time overall. And the diver is Megan Morton, a three-time all star.

Comprising the medley relay team are Devon Grisbaum, Casey Merrill, Ashlyn Rose and Maddy Brady. The 200 freestyle relay team is Aly Chain, Erin Myers, Nunan and Wallace. And the 400 freestyle relay team is Ryann Styer, Wallace, Andrea Teofanova and Nunan.

A new decade began on Jan. 1, 2020 so performances since then are not taken into consideration for the 2nd Decade winter sports teams. Swimmers were eligible to be selected to this team in any event where they swam, even if it wasn’t necessarily the event in which they were most effective.

More about OCHS Girls Swimming is available here.

Amanda Nunan joins Renee Tomlin (1st Decade), Jill Kozakowski (1990s) and Mary Garrett (1980s) as OCHS Girls Swimmers of the Decade.

Up next – the OCHS Boys Swim Team of the 2nd Decade.


OCHS Girls Swimming in the 2nd Decade
2009-10….6-7…Brad Greene
2010-11….8-6…Brad Greene
2011-12..10-4…Brittany Sedberry
2012-13….8-2-1..Katie Merz
2013-14..13-1…Katie Merz
2014-15….9-1…Katie Merz
2015-16..14-0…Steve Warrington
2016-17..10-2…Steve Warrington
2017-18….9-3…Ian Keyser
2018-19..11-3…Ian Keyser

Girls Swim Decade.jpg


Amanda Nunan

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