Relive OCHS Sports 1980-89

Among the names that come to mind when you think about OCHS sports in the 1980s are Mike Naples, Maryjo Dougherty, Leon Brown, Jack Boyd, Alison Amicone, Trip Snyder, Shannon Garrity, Bud Rinck, Pat Dougherty, the Dice brothers and Rob Astle.

This book also includes Chris Quinn, Dominic Iannace, Pam McFarland, Bob McAllister, Margaret Rowell, Jim Bennett, Melody Sye, Homer Baker, Beth and Sondra Reeves, the Muzslay brothers, Robyn Fortsch, Chris Rackley, Tricia Shelton, Chris Gayle, Cindy Rau, David Miller, Roland Watson, Kelli Dougherty, Ed Woolley, Margie Bonnet, the Gallaghers, Pat Lynch and Chad Severs.

The book includes a foreword by Hall of Fame coach Trish LeFever.

You can relive all the memories in this one book that includes eight South Jersey championship teams and one state champ.

If you don’t have a copy, you can order one at

Sales of the book benefit the Edythe T. Selvagn Memorial Scholarship Fund.


bookcoverimage80s 75% (2).jpg

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