Vince Leavey resigns as OCHS athletics director


Vince Leavey, who has served so successfully as Ocean City High School’s director of athletics, resigned Thursday.

Leavey will take over a similar position at Camden County Vo-Tech in 60 days.

“It has been great here in Ocean City,” Leavey said. “I’ve really enjoyed working with the coaches and athletes who have been so successful. But the daily travel has been very difficult for my family.”

Leavey drives an hour each way to OCHS every day. The Camden County school is five minutes from his home.

When he took over the position two years ago, Leavey knew he was inheriting a successful athletic program and he allowed it to continue, instead of making multiple changes. He gradually made improvements where he thought they were needed and handled the day-to-day challenges successfully. His approach allowed sports at OCHS to continue to flourish.

Leavey was just the fifth athletics director at Ocean City High School in 51 years, having followed Dixie Howell, Paul LeFever, Dr. Chris Lentz and Dr. Jack Pfizenmayer, who was an interim AD.

It is likely that Ocean City High School will accept applications very soon in an effort to fill the position quickly.


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