COLUMN: Remembering Alex Konick


There have been very few area sports broadcasters who have mixed information and entertainment together as effectively as Alex Konick.

For years the former Cape-Atlantic League football coach, who died suddenly last weekend at age 71, worked on the video coverage of local football for cable TV companies. Part of that time was spent covering Holy Spirit and his interviews and other interactions with Spartans coach Ed Byrnes were classic.

Konick teamed with Jim Schafer on most of those Holy Spirit video replays (live video of high school sports was still more than a decade away) and they were a very popular team. In fact, when the cable coverage expanded after a couple years and the broadcast team was broken up to serve those needs, viewers complained.

Alex Konick loved football and he understood it better than most. After playing in high school and college he eventually ended up as the head football coach at Bridgeton, sharing a conference championship. He then was named head coach at Egg Harbor Township when the new school opened. Next was a spot behind the microphone where he could witness the best in CAL football and offer his input and humor to the situation.

Eventually, Konick took a job with a major construction company, representing them all over the country. The company specialized in building stadiums and arenas which took him to games everywhere – professional, collegiate and scholastic. He might see a high school game in Texas on Friday, a college game in Florida on Saturday and the Eagles on Sunday – all the while entertaining clients and potential clients.

It was always a pleasure to work with Alex Konick, to be in his presence when he offered his personable observations about sports and the stories circling around sports.

In a relatively short amount of time he had a significant impact on Cape-Atlantic League football and the way it was covered by the broadcast media.



Alex Konick with his daughter, Allison

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