You can nominate new OCHS Hall of Famers


The next induction ceremony of the Ocean City High School Sports Hall of Fame has been scheduled for Sunday, September 26th in the high school’s auditorium.

And you can help select the new Hall of Famers.

It’s easy – just email the name of anyone you want to nominate to

For an athlete to be eligible, five classes must have graduated since the athlete’s graduating class. Coaches are eligible in the first school year after they last served as head coach. Teams are eligible after 10 subsequent classes have graduated. And contributors are eligible at any time.

In addition to the nominees’ names, please include any other information you have, such as the year an athlete graduated, what sports he/she played and any contact information you have.

Nominations will close at 11 p.m. on Sunday, August 1st. The new Hall of Fame inductees will be selected later that week by the Hall of Fame Committee.


Tom Adams
Charles Adelizzi
Romeo Adelizzi
Don Barton
Casey Beyel
Phil Birnbaum
Jen Blizzard
Anne Brinkmann
Leon Brown
Fenton Carey
Ralph Carson
Doug Colman
John Cranston
Gary Degenhardt
Pat Dougherty
Bill Fisher
Lisa Foglio
Robyn Fortsch
Judy Gayle
Archie Harris
Dixie Howell
Andy Jernee
Brett Johnson
Joi Johnson
Jill Kozakowski
Ken Leary
Trish LeFever
Mike Linahan
Scott Lipford
Patrick Lynch
Bob McAllister
Lauren McHale
Kristie Miller
Joe Myers
Mike Naples
Jack Neall
Mike Pellegrino
Cory Picketts
John Richardson
Miles Schoedler
Brittany Sedberry
Chad Severs
Kevin Sinclair
Mike Slaveski
Diane Snow
Melody Sye
Don Tarves
Rene Tomlin
Stephanie Vanderslice
Abbey Woolley

1932 Football
1954-55 Boys Basketball
1963-64 Boys Basketball
1978-79 Girls Basketball
1984 Football
1988 Girls Cross Country
1994 Girls Track
1996 Football
1997 Field Hockey
2010 Baseball

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