Remembering Dave Andrews


Dave Andrews would have fit nicely into the Ocean City High School Class of 2021.

Like so many of the student-athletes who graduated last week, his sports career was a year-round commitment.

In the fall of his senior year, he quarterbacked Mike Slaveski’s football team to an 8-1 season and a Cape-Atlantic League championship.

In the winter, he led Jack Boyd’s 17-5 team in assists while winning another CAL championship.

And in the the spring he was a key pitcher and shortstop on Roland Watson’s 10-7 team

Andrews, who was killed Tuesday as a passenger in a vehicle involved in a collision at the foot of the 9th Street bridge, loved sports. He loved the competition. He loved the teamwork. And he loved it because he was good at it.

After some impressive years in youth sports, he made his mark in high school. Here are a few excerpts from the book, “OCHS Sports in the Seventies”:

“They beat Wildwood, 39-0, with Dave Andrews throwing three TDs and Frank Sannino scoring three, including a punt return.”

“The Raiders defeated Mainland, 13-7, with Andrews throwing one TD and running for the other”

“In a 47-6 win over Burlington Township, Andrews threw for 257 yards and had four TD passes. He also intercepted his seventh career pass.”

“Slaveski’s team was ranked No. 5 in the final South Jersey poll (this was before the creation of the football playoffs). Andrews threw for 769 yards and 13 touchdowns. He also intercepted five passes.”

“Pop Rackley averaged 23.7 points per game and Brad Bryant 21.1, the first time in school historty that two OCHS players averaged 20 points per game during the same season. Bryant (238) and Terry Tracey (235) led the team in rebounds, Rackley had 84 steals and Dave Andrews led with 73 assists.”

“Roland Watson’s baseball team finished 10-7, led by Frank Sannino, Bob Jacobs, Dave Andrews, Dan Pashley, Tom Bolling and Jim Nickles.”

Andrews just loved sports. He got involved with the Raiders again in the spring seasons of 2012 and 2013 when his son, Kyle, was a key pitcher for two teams that both reached the South Jersey Group 3 final. Kyle was 5-2 with 36 strikeouts and 12 walks in 47 innings as a junior. He was 6-1 with a 1.04 earned run average as a senior. He teamed with Beau Hall to form one of the CAL’s best pitching combinations.

Dave did a lot of pacing around the outside of high school fields when his son was pitching.

He faced some challenges and struggles during his life, not the least of which happened during that terrible week in November 2020 when his mother, Sue (age 90), and his brother, Joe (age 57), died within three days of each other.

Through it all, the ups and downs, Dave faced life with a smile and a personality that put people at ease and made them feel comfortable. Readers are encouraged to add their memories, below, or in facebook comments, of a man who was a major part of Ocean City sports history.

Dave Andrews was 66.

10 thoughts on “Remembering Dave Andrews

  1. Dave Andrews will be missed he was a great athlete and a fun guy to be around. Another OC icon who was a big part of the fabric of Ocean City. My condolences to Johnny I was so sorry to hear about Joey and Mrs Andrews.

    And thanks to Tom Williams an Ocean City icon who has written of Ocean City sports for such a long time and at such a high level that I’m not sure people appreciate what tom has done for Ocean City. Like the ocean we all sort of take for granted Tom is such a good writer that I think sometimes people forget how good he is and I thank him for stories such as these, it helps us remember people who are part of our lives.


  2. Like so many father’s before and after, walking the fields while their child pitches. God Bless his family and thank you Tom Williams for this beautiful tribute.


  3. First I would like to thank Tom Williams for another wonderful article about Ocean City finest athletes. I first met David Andrews when I was five years old. His father Jack and my father William D. Nickles Jr were both bricklayers. They both worked together. So David and I became friends and played games together at North Street playground and at our houses. We went to school together for awhile until David attended public school and I went to St. Augustine ( not my choice). Even though we went to different schools we all met at the playground after school. We had awesome friends to play any sport we wanted. There was Dave, Frank Sannino, Tony Galante, Carmen Costanza, and many more. I was amazed how Dave could play any sport and play it well. We all got better because of Dave. His humor always made us laugh. And if you know Dave we laughed a lot. In 1973 I was able to play Varsity Baseball for Roland Watson. We were better than our record(10 and 7). We were really good when Dave pitched. I remember watching his curveball dancing around the plate and batters swinging at air. After high school we went on our life paths . But when ever I saw Dave it was like there is my buddy. I love Dave Andrews. I loved him like he was a brother to me. I’m having a difficult time right now accepting that Dave is gone. My thoughts and prayers go to John Andrews and Beth, Ali, and Kyle. GOD BLESS. JIM NICKLES


  4. For whatever reason , I have a memory like a sift , some sticks and some just passes right on through ! I say all that to say this , some of my fondest memories I do remember were playing on the Roland Watson’s baseball team with Dave, Frank , Bobby , Jimmy and many more . Although I only lived in Jersey from ‘71-‘73, I got to know a lot of the guys especially Dave . I’m so sad his story had such a tragic ending ! My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends ! May we remember all the good stuff and be thankful that we got to be a part .


  5. We own Plymouth Inn and Dave mother Sue worked for us for many years I saw Dave play sports at Ocean City High School he was great to watch I loved there Family and Dave mother was like a second Mom to me Dave will be missed Big Time a great loss


  6. RIP in peace David. Thanks, Tom for all you have done for the sports programs in Ocean City. David was the best athlete of the North Street gang and someone we all admired. He will be missed and we will never forget the memories he made on the playing fields.


  7. David will always be an OC legend/icon, not only through his own years at OCHS but because he truly is a part of OC history. He had a larger than life presence, his smile and outlook of life somehow gave you a sense of calm, and well his sense of humor, you only hoped you didn’t pee your pants because of all the laughter. Rest In Peace David and OC is lucky to have had you as part of our community❤️ Thoughts, hugs and prayers to Beth, Ali, and Kyle❤️


  8. David and I met in the North Street playground we were playing football. We found ourselves on opposing teams . It was a battle . We were never on opposing teams after that day. We hung out pretty much every day from seventh grade till the day we graduated. Life took us in different directions and we saw each other occasionally. We were blessed to have a lengthy phone conversion in April of 2021. We were able to tell each other that we loved one another one last time. To this day we still have not been beaten when we challenged others to a 2 on 2 basketball game.


  9. He was just a sweetheart of a guy, you had to love him. The world is a loner place without his smiling face. R.I.P my brother until we meet again.


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