All the CAL Sports memories you need


There have been no high school sports since March 12 – more than five months ago.

They had the statewide Last Dance baseball tournament that featured high school athletes. And there are Babe Ruth baseball and independent soccer and basketball events.

But no Cape-Atlantic League action.

If you miss the action and want to relive some of the highlights, they are available online.

A list of CAL all star teams in every sport, dating back 17 years, can be found here. That page also takes you to many links in many sports, including the Prime Events Sports Team and college destinations from the Class of 2021.

Halls of Fame can be found here.

Check out CAL basketball here, including the standings, rankings, stat leaders, box scores, tournament brackets and more for 2019-20 and previous seasons.

The standings of CAL schools in the West Jersey Football League are here – plus rankings, stats, rosters and more for 2019 and previous seasons.

There are three seasons of spring stats – including baseball, softball and lacrosse – right here.

Winners of the Ed Byrnes, Frank Campo and Boo Pergament awards are listed here.

You can find Bill Siteman’s detailed history of CAL soccer here.

And hundreds of video streams by Matt Ulmer are here.

As we hopefully get ready for another fall sports season in five weeks, these are some memories from the past.

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