Cape-Atlantic League postpones Phase 1 for two weeks


Reacting to action by area school superintendents, the Cape-Atlantic League has postponed the beginning of Phase 1 for fall sports until July 27. The NJSIAA had announced earlier that teams could begin non-contact practice with other limitations on July 13 but CAL teams will wait two weeks later.

Some schools will encourage coaches to communicate with players starting July 13 through Zoom and other video conferencing platforms to discuss training and other aspects of pre-season that might be dealt with in team meetings.

The NJSIAA also announced last week that no football games can be played before Sept. 3, forcing the cancellation or re-scheduling of three or four games involving CAL schools that had been scheduled for late August. Labor Day is Sept. 7 this year, the latest possible date.

Schools are still working out how they will begin the school year – with in-school attendance, virtual classes online or a combination of both. That decision should impact plans for fall sports.

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