How Wednesday’s Pleasantville game could impact OCHS on Thanksgiving


Tragedy struck high school football on Friday with the shooting in Pleasantville’s NJSIAA Group 2 playoff game.

The association decided to complete the game (it was suspended in the third quarter with Camden leading, 6-0) on Wednesday afternoon (4pm) at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, the home of the Eagles.

There were some who believed that the game should be finished in Pleasantville to get things back to normal as soon as possible. This shooting had nothing to do with football. Reportedly it was a revenge shooting and the participants came upon each other by accident.

Anyway, playing where the NFL plays will be a thrill for both teams and seeing their sons and brothers play in “The Linc” will be exciting for the families. The teams will be given a limited number of passes for family members. Hopefully, the big-time setting will help these players forget the images of Friday night.

But all of this has additional impact.

The winner of Wednesday’s game will play Cedar Creek for the Central Jersey Group 2 championship on Saturday afternoon, November 30. That is two days after Thanksgiving.

Now it gets a little complicated. But here are the possibilities.

If Pleasantville loses on Wednesday, nothing will change relative to Thanksgiving at Carey Stadium.

If Pleasantville wins on Wednesday, its game with Ocean City cannot be played on Thanksgiving Day. It could be postponed until the following week, however.

But, if the Greyhounds win Wednesday and either Pleasantville or Ocean City wins its championship game, that championship team will play in a “bowl game” the week after Thanksgiving (Dec. 6-7-8) and there would probably be no place to make up the Ocean City-Pleasantville game.

This scenario will start Wednesday afternoon.


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