Dom DiGiacomo was the decade’s top golfer


When you look at the best single-season averages by an Ocean City High School golfer you immediately notice that one guy has the top two.

Dom DiGiacomo averaged 37.10 strokes per nine holes as a junior in 2013, beating Jeff Michner’s school record by half a stroke. Then, as a senior, he knocked almost two more strokes off the record, finishing the season with a 35.30 average. That included a school record six-under during nine holes at The Links in Brigantine.

Those performances, plus the two first team selections on Cape-Atlantic League all-conference teams, earn DiGiacomo the nod as OCHS Golfer of the Decade in the first of 21 sports reviews of the decade that began in 2010 and ended a couple months ago.

One other Ocean City golfer was selected to an All-CAL first team twice during the 10 seasons – Jack Sullivan, who was chosen in 2017 and 2018. Sullivan had a 37.90 average in 2017, the fifth best in school history.

Jared Ash was also a first team all star (2010) and was named to the second team in 2011. Ash had been a first teamer in 2009 at the end of the first decade. He had a 39.70 average in both 2010 and 2011. And Kasey Clifford was chosen to the first team this spring with a team-leading 41.33 average that included the championship of the CAL Tournament.

Joining that quartet of all stars on the OCHS Second Decade Team are Brandon Bartley (2010) and Isaac Royster (2018), both selected to the CAL second team twice. And Steve Paschuck (2014), also a second team all star with a 39.00 average.

Previous All-Decade Teams and the All-20th Century golf team are available here.

The Raiders were blessed with some good teams and some good golfers during the last 10 season but Dom DiGiacomo, who has gone on to success at the next level, was the best. He joins Jeff Michner (1st Decade and 1990s), Desmond Atkinson (1980s) and Jim McKeon (1970s) as Ocean City High School Golfers of the Decade.

Next week – the Boys Lacrosse Team of the Decade.


OCHS Golf in the Second Decade


2010….10-7….Skip Angelo

2011….12-5….Skip Angelo

2012…..6-10…Skip Angelo

2013…..8-8…..Skip Angelo

2014….10-6….Ed Ritti/Bryan Chojnacki

2015…..9-8…..Ed Ritti/Bryan Chojnacki

2016….15-5….Ed Ritti/Bryan Chojnacki

2017….12-3….Ed Ritti/Bryan Chojnacki – South Jersey & County Champions

2018….14-2….Ed Ritti/Bryan Chojnacki – County Champions

2019….12-5….Ed Ritti/Bryan Chojnacki – County Champions


The Second Decade Raider Golf Team

Jared Ash (2011)

Brandon Bartley (2011)

Dom DiGiacomo (2014)

Steve Paschuck (2014)

Isaac Royster (2018)

Jack Sullivan (2018)

Kasey Clifford (2019)


domdigiacomo (2).jpg
Dom DiGiacomo – OCHS Golfer of the Decade





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